Thursday, September 17, 2009

Writer Beware

Hosted at the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America, the Writer Beware website offers “Warnings about Literary Fraud and the Schemes, Scams, and Pitfalls That Target Writers.” These warnings are of use to ALL writers, not just those who write science fiction and fantasy.
 The blog includes postings by A.C. Crispin, Richard White, and Victoria Strauss, who keep us up to date with the people and companies to stay away when searching for publication.

Recent posts include information about:
  • a German academic publisher which is actually an author mill,
  • debunking a writers’ myth,
  • opting out of the Google Book Search Settlement, and
  • a literary agency which has been the subject of an ongoing investigation by the Florida Attorney General’s office.
Every author needs to check out these resources when you are ready to send your work out into the world.

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