Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Character Names

Need help naming your characters? There are many sites on the web that can assist you. Here are four you may find useful.
On The Baby Name Wizard site you will find Namipedia: The Encyclopedia of Baby Names with meanings and popularity, NameMapper for looking up names throughout the country, NameVoyager where you can type in a name one letter at a time and see the popularity of names with those combinations on a really cool graph.
At BabyZone you can look up baby names, meanings, and origins.
You can find pictures of people with a particular name who have uploaded their picture to the site and also find songs with the name in the title.
At the Social Security Administratin Online, you can find the top names for each year in history, starting with those born in 1880.


  1. Speaking of names, Max has a kid named Shamrock on his soccer team. And to make matters worse, their uniforms are BRIGHT green! :)

  2. Thanks for the links! I use the social security site most often, but sometimes use others as well.