Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Archetype: The Fiction Writer's Guide to Psychology

I found this website while researching archetypes and felt like I’d struck gold! Here’s what the first paragraph on the home page says: “Maybe your character needs psychotherapy and you're wondering what goes on behind the closed doors of the therapist's office. Maybe you need to know how to make the psychologist in your fiction sound like a real shrink. Or maybe you're just looking for the psychology behind a really great villain, or wish you could ask a real clinician your psychology questions."

There is so much here that it will take you days to find it all. What you will find :
  • articles on psychological disorders
  • descriptions of some of the most common psychological tests
  • psychology jargon
  • research
  • media portrayals (including our favorite “Diagnosing Anakin Skywalker”)
  • Q & A section
  • articles about writng
  • story prompts for your Muse
  • a blog

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