Saturday, September 5, 2009

Agent Search

If your manuscript is the best you can make it or if your nonfiction book proposal is complete, you'll probably be wanting to start querying agents. Here are three sites that can help you in that search.

This is LitMatch. You can join for free . It will assist you in finding agents and tracking your submissions to them.
At Agent Query the subheading reports that it’s “the internet’s largest and most current database of literary agents.” You can search for agents and read valuable information about queries and writing in general.
Query Tracker is a place to find literary agents, organize and track your queries, and view agent statistics. It says that it is the most advanced database of literary agents available on the web.
All three sources offer similar features. I recommend checking each of them out to see which is a better fit for your agent search. Good Luck!
If you know of any other good agent search sites, please let me know.

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